Direct Flow Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration Devices 66-11 Made in Germany


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Direct Flow Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration Devices 66-11 Made in Germany

The BestWater Jungbrunnen 66-11 molecular filter systems deliver water through the Direct Flow Mode, which means water production with no supply pressure vessel. Compact design and hardly any larger than a standard drink box. The system delivers up to 2,500 litres of pure and energised drinking water each day. Certified among of germs, viruses and any pollution... for removal of radioactive pollutants.



  • Reverse osmosis filtration devices for home and commercial use
  • Removal of up to over 99% of pollutants in drinking water
  • Made in Germany, German engineering and experience for nearly 30 years, production and continuous development close to Berlin/Germany
  • Made of highest-grade components and pollution-free materials (surgical stainless steel, no alloy, no glue, no PVC-softener... in water-bearing components)
  • Officially certified with regard to purity and safety by independent institutes
  • Directflow filtering systems (most advanced technology)
  • Certified for removal of radioactive pollutants
  • High delivery rate of up to 2,500 l/day, gastronomy systems 9,000 l/day
  • Excellent filtration ratio of polluted water : ultra-pure water of nearly 1.2 : 1.0
  • Supplies external devices like medical devices, fridges, coffee machines, dishwashers, washing machines...
  • Stand-alone water dispenser (hot/medium/cold) with inbuilt filtration devices
  • Low maintenance, electronic control
  • Filtration unit models which do not require electricity
  • Mobile and self-sufficient filtration systems
  • 30 years guarantee for German households (including membranes)
  • Water energizing
  • extensive delivery equipment (special water tap from stainless steel, safety water stopper...)



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