Air filter Air purifier Air Cleaner Devices - BestAir AirJet 500 Made in Germany


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Air filter Air purifier Air Cleaner Devices - BestAir AirJet 500 Made in Germany

Made in GermanyHEPA high efficiency filter particulate matter PM 2.5 activated carbon and UV disinfection



Air filter/air purifier for private households and commercial use  in companies, offices, medical clinics, gastronomy...​


Removal of pollutants from the air of up to 99.98% ​


Removes dust, particulate matter PM2.5, heavy metals, pollen, smells, smoke... ​


Removes into one hour of up to 95% of viruses/germs ​


Several filter stages:

  1. HEPA H13 - High Efficient Particle Air-Filter 0,1 - 0,3 µm

  2. Activated Carbon

  3. Nanophotocatalysts

  4. UV-lamp

  5. Ion-Generator


Intelligent real time monitoring and removal of PM 2.5 particulate matter ​


Clear Air Delivery Rate (CADR) of up to 440 m³/h​


Quiet operation V2 approximately 26 dB​


  • Certified „CE regulation by the European Union“

  • Timer, digital display, remote control​

  • Low maintenance

  • Intelligent sensor (performance automatically depends on the degree of pollution)


Made in Germany


International delivery direct from German manufacturer


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